Yard Waste Removal Services in Folsom, CA

Yard Waste and Thick Brush Removal Services in Folsom, CA

Manley Hauling is a trash and junk removal company that serves customers in the Folsom Area. Whether you are located on the border of Orangevale or Citrus Heights or located in central Folsom, we can come out and help with your yard waste and general hauling needs.

We also serve other local Sacramento County communities such as Granite Bay.

We’ll Remove & Haul Away Your Home or Office Yard Waste

Yard Waste and Thick Brush Removal Services in El Dorado County: Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills and Placerville, CA - Manley Hauling

Overgrown Blackberry Bush Removal

For overgrown blackberry bushes around your property, please give us a call. For homes around El Dorado County that may be near water or creeks, you might have berry bushes or bushes with sharp thorns growing. These grow fast, so maintenance is key. It would even be easier to remove these bushes so you wouldn’t have to worry about long-term maintenance of blackberry bushes or any bushes growing on your property. If you’re looking to have any vegetation removed from your residential or commercial yard, give Manley Hauling a call today.

Other Yard Waste Disposal Services We Specialize In

In addition to yard waste removal and maintenance, we also specialize in land clearing services, as well as outdoor hardscape demolition and removal, including concrete retaining walls, fence and deck demolition and removal. We also remove any other miscellaneous items that might be lying around your yard, such as inoperative or scrap vehicles, broken fridges or even hot tub/spa removal.

Other unwanted items we’ll remove include: 

  • Brush Clearing and Removal
  • Storm Debris Removal
  • Overgrown Shrub Removal
  • Brush and Wood Pile Removal
  • Retaining Wall Demolition and Removal
  • Vine and Branch Removal
  • Lawn Waste Removal and Cleanup
  • Fallen Tree Hauling and Tree Removal

Give us a call today at Manley Hauling at (916) 539-0598.

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