Residential Junk Removal and Hauling Services

We specialize in Junk Removal and General Hauling Services in Cameron Park and Beyond!

Do you have a basement or garage full of junk you don’t want? Call Manley Hauling, and we will follow your guidance to pack up and haul away just the items you want to throw away and leave the ones you want to keep. Get rid of clutter and clear up space you can use for better purposes. We can even haul away unwanted cars or other vehicles. Basement junk removal and garage junk removal are two of our specialties at Manley Hauling.

Junk items we pack up, haul away and recycle

Do you have large appliances, furniture, or an old mattress you want to get rid of? It might be tempting to try to sell these items or donate them to charity, but many people have found that used furniture can be a hard thing to sell. No one really wants a used mattress, either. Many charities are rather picky about what they will accept, even if you bring the items to them. Save yourself the hassle and let Manley Hauling take away these bulky, unwanted items. Large appliance removal, furniture removal, and mattress removal are no problem for us at Manley Hauling.

Backyard furniture and outdoor appliance removal

Do you have patio furniture, a hot tub, BBQ island, gazebo, yard waste, vines, old trees, or debris in your yard that you want to be removed? Let Manley Hauling come to your place at your convenience and haul away these items for you. Cleaning up the yard and outdoor area of your property can increase the value of your home and make it easier to rent or sell. We can handle hot tub removal, gazebo removal, patio furniture removal, yard debris removal, yard waste removal, and all your junk and trash removal needs.