Fire Prevention Services

Fire Prevention Services El Dorado County

Fire Clearing and Fire Prevention Services in El Dorado County: Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills and Placerville, CA

Manley Hauling is a trash and junk removal company that serves customers in El Dorado County, including Placerville, Shingle Springs, Cameron Park, and El Dorado Hills. We also serve Sacramento County communities such as Folsom, Granite Bay, and beyond.

Fire Prevention Services For Your Property in El Dorado County

Fire Clearing and Fire Prevention Services in El Dorado County: Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills and Placerville, CA

Preparing your property for a fire means a lot of things. First, you’ll want to start with the exterior of your home. This means clearing any overgrown bushes, fallen or leaning/unstable trees or removing large piles of yard waste, such as leaves, branches or chopped wood.

It’s important to maintain your outdoor space to help prevent the spread of a wildfire or even stop a fire from starting. What homeowners in the fire-prone areas of El Dorado, Placer and Sacramento County should also keep in mind is that storm debris removal is another big factor in preventing the spread or spark of a fire. Especially for the El Dorado and Placer County homes, the rainy winter months can leave behind large piles of brush, cause traumatic fallen tree situations and even aggregate rotting fencing or decking that you might be unaware of.

Fire Prevention From Spark To Spread

As part of our fire prevention services, we will come to you to assess the condition of your property and ensure that any structure is free from any loose or rotted foundation, especially for anyone who is looking to have a built-in or above ground hot tub or spa removed from their outdoor deck.

Our team at Manley Hauling call El Dorado home too, so it’s our mission to ensure every job is done right for the safety of our community.

We can come out and clear your trees and any large overgrown brushes that may be a potential harm to your home. The county and the insurance companies want to see that you have as much property cleared as possible. Take advantage of our brush removal and hauling services to help prevent wildfires in El Dorado County.

Hardscape Demolition + Fire Prevention Services

Fire prevention may also include smaller demolition projects such as outbuildings, secondary dwellings, old barns and fallen structures.

For full-service demolition (anything that would require a full-sized excavator) services, please check out Monster Demolition. However, we do provide onsite demolition for any condition, any size old mobile home or RV.

Our fire prevention services extend throughout El Dorado County including Shingle Springs, Placerville, Diamond Springs, Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills, Folsom, and Granite Bay.

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