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Wood Decking, Composite Decking, and Fencing Removal Services in El Dorado County: Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills and Placerville, CA

Manley Hauling is a trash and junk removal company that serves customers in El Dorado County, including Placerville, Shingle Springs, Cameron Park, and El Dorado Hills. We also serve Sacramento County communities such as Folsom, Granite Bay, and beyond.

We Specialize in Outdoor Decking, Fencing, Structural Removal

We Remove Any Old, Damaged Decking or Fencing - Manley Hauling in El Dorado, Placer and Sacramento County

After big storms, you may lose your deck or fence leaving your property open to the surrounding area. Loose, broken deck boards or chain link fencing can pose a serious risk to the homeowners and even neighboring homes. Not only does this create a safety hazard, but also its unsightliness can deter potential homebuyers if you happen to be looking to sell your home.

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We remove dry rot decks, but we do not specialize in anything inside the home. Only what is directly outside the home. We have seen this many times at Manley Hauling. It is very common to see outdoor deck and decking systems undergo a great deal of exposure and abuse from the outside elements. Over time, the sun (solar rays), Sacramento heat waves, extreme cold, rain, sleet, hail, and wind, among other things can cause a great deal of damage. We have seen many decks splintered, soft, warped and frayed over years of common outside elements. That’s why it’s important to keep your decking, fencing and other outdoor structures maintained and replaced when needed.

Additionally, we’ll pick up any unwanted or damaged outdoor items, including:

  • Wood or Paver Stone Decking Removal
  • Backyard Shed Demolition and Removal
  • Barn or Utility Storage Demolition and Removal
  • Detached Garage Demolition and Removal
  • Fencing and Railing Demolition and Removal

If your deck, fence, fence posts, or any other wood structures have been damaged and need to be removed, please give us a call anytime.

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