Concrete Removal & Hauling Services

Concrete Removal & Hauling Services

Concrete Demolition, Hauling and Removal Services in El Dorado County: Cameron Park, El Dorado Hills and Placerville, CA

Manley Hauling is a trash and junk removal company that serves customers in El Dorado County, including Placerville, Shingle Springs, Cameron Park, and El Dorado Hills. We also serve Sacramento County communities such as Folsom, Granite Bay, and beyond.

Expert Concrete Demolition & Removal Company in El Dorado County

Expert Concrete Demolition & Removal Company in El Dorado County - Manley Hauling

It weighs about 3000 lbs/yard. Because of the nature of concrete and it’s enormous weight, we really need to see the job before giving you an accurate bid. Concrete removal and retaining wall removal would fall under this service. Because of the nature of construction worksites and other demolition jobs, we’ll first come to your location and assess the job before providing a quote for demolition and removal. For any specialized demolition services, such as removing smaller retaining walls, call us first to schedule a consultation.

Other Types of Hard Demolition and Removal Services We Offer

In addition to removing concrete structures, such as cement slabs, concrete walls and concrete beams, we also remove other types of materials, including brickwork, masonry structures, even yard waste and fallen trees. Concrete and other hard materials are considered construction and demolition (C&D) materials. C&D materials require specialized demolition tools and equipment to safely remove and haul to a recycling center nearest your location.

Additional Hard Demolition and Removal Services Include: 

  • Brick and Masonry Demolition and Removal
  • Wood and Plywood Demolition and Removal
  • Asphalt or Paver Stone Demolition and Removal
  • Metal Demolition and Removal
  • Drywall and Plaster Demolition and Removal
  • Cement and Clay Tile Demolition and Removal

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