Exterior Junk Removal Job for Home Owner in Placerville, CA

Debris and Junk Removal

Removing of Debris around Property and Acerage – Junk Removal Services for Home Owner in Placerville, CA

When junk is not properly disposed of and accumulates on a property, it can be quite an eyesore.

If you are daunted by the task of clearing out the junk that’s piled up on the exterior of your residential or commercial property, it is a good idea to hire professional junk removal experts who can get the job done efficiently and deliver excellent results.

At Manley Hauling, we take pride in our reputation of being the go-to junk removal and hauling company in Placerville, CA, and its surrounding areas including Granite Bay, Sacramento, Folsom, El Dorado Hills and Cameron Park.

Old Tires, Boxes, Plastic Items and Other Junk

Debris and Junk Removal

Forgive the date on the photo. This was in fact a recent job in the area.

For this property in Placerville, our team arrived on site as scheduled. The exterior was littered with old tires, boxes, plastic items and other junk that we sorted through to determine what could be repurposed, upcycled or recycled. This is in line with our eco-friendly mission to play our part in preserving the environment.

We cleared and disposed of all the trash!

We cleared and disposed of all the trash, including debris that had accumulated on the property and hauled it away to be properly disposed of. By the time our team was done, the area was completely cleared out to the satisfaction of our client.

So if you are in need of a junk removal company that is reliable and can guarantee 100% customer satisfaction, give us a call. We are a full-service junk removal company, and our services include foreclosure cleanouts, furniture removal, e-waste removal, yard waste removal, hot tub disposal, trash removal and more.

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