About Manley Hauling

About Manley Hauling

Manley Hauling is a trash and junk removal company based in Cameron Park, California. We serve customers in El Dorado County, including Cameron Park, Placerville, Shingle Springs, and El Dorado Hills. We also serve Sacramento County communities such as Folsom, Granite Bay, and beyond.

Manley Hauling serves residential and commercial customers. Homeowners, businesses, non-profits, schools, government agencies, and other organizations rely on Manley Hauling for their trash and junk removal and hauling needs. No job is too big or too small.

Manley Hauling offers free estimates and affordable prices. We are open to serve you seven days a week. Our team of trained professionals have the right equipment and training to properly haul away and dispose of your junk and unwanted items.

We at Manley Hauling are concerned about protecting the environment, so we always recycle as much of what we haul away as we possibly can. We will also haul away your old electronics, such as computers, monitors, TVs, and stereo equipment. Those items contain heavy metals and other toxic chemicals and should not be put it the regular trash. In many areas, that’s the law. Let us take away your electronic junk and dispose of it in an environmentally-sensitive manner.

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Our Hauling and Removal Specialties

We specialize in junk removal of private and commercial property, including real estate property clean outs, vehicle removal, and removal of any unwanted debris.

If you have yard waste, vines, old trees, debris, patio furniture, a hot tub, BBQ island, gazebo, or other items that you want removed, let Manley Hauling take care of it for you. We will come to your place at your convenience and haul away these unwanted items. You can increase the value of your home and make it easier to rent or sell by cleaning up the yard and outdoor area with help from Manley Hauling.

If your garage or basement is cluttered with junk you no longer want, call Manley Hauling. We will follow your guidance to pack up and haul away the right items. This will get rid of clutter and clear up space in your home that you can use for something else. We can also haul away your unwanted cars or other vehicles.

If you have furniture, large appliances, or an old mattress you want to get rid of, don’t waste your time trying to donate these items to charity. Most charities are very selective about what they will take, even if you haul the items to their facility. Many people have found out the hard way that items like this are hard to sell, because no one wants them. Call Manley Hauling and save yourself a lot of trouble by letting us haul away these bulky, heavy, unwanted items.

Does your business have old computers, monitors, copiers, office equipment, furniture, fax machines, or other items you no longer need? Call us at Manley Hauling and let us take care of it for you. We will haul away your junk and other unwanted items and properly dispose of them so you don’t have to.

If you’re in the real estate or property management business, Manley Hauling is here to help you. We can help get your properties ready to show and sell or rent by clearing out your unwanted junk and debris. We can remove and haul away yard waste, trees, vines, and other debris to make the exterior look great. We also haul away heavy and bulky outdoor items like hot tubs, spas, above ground pools, patio furniture, and BBQ islands. Manley Hauling can help you clean up the inside by removing unwanted furniture, mattresses, major appliances, and almost anything else you need to have removed. Let Manley Hauling remove and haul away your unwanted items so you don’t have to.

Manley Hauling History

Manley Hauling has been family-owned and operated since 2015. Manley Hauling was created to establish a local service providing a fast and professional service for removing unwanted debris. We are committed to reducing the build up of surrounding landfills by recycling as many objects as possible. Manley Hauling views debris removal as our part in helping the environment stay pure and clean.

Meet the Business Owner

Manley Hauling is a local family-owned business providing trusted debris removal service you can rely on. We are licensed, insured, and able to supply references upon request. We offer a professional and secure option for all of your desired property clean up needs.

Give us a call today at Manley Hauling at (916) 539-0598 to handle all your trash and junk removal and hauling.

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